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 Bones' Apartment.

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Bones' Apartment. Empty
PostSubject: Bones' Apartment.   Bones' Apartment. EmptyMon 2 Oct - 11:37

Address: 783 Snowdrake Street

Description of your Home: (number of rooms, how it's designed...) The apartment is a comfortable, though small space containing 3 main rooms, with the living and kitchen areas in the same general room as each other. It's all located on one floor, with Bones room on the side closest to the kitchen and more importantly, furthest from the door to the hall. Side, his Sans, has the room closest to the hall door.

Bones room is neat more often than not, although since he doesn't own many things it's not hard to keep it clean. He has a normal bed, along with a table beside it that usually has various drawings on it (That have been made by Bones himself- some people don't seem to know he's a pretty great artist, he was the one who painted the bride to Snowdin after all). He does have a closet with a couple of outfits in it, although nothing fancier than his battle body, and a small bookshelf with only a couple of books on it.

Side's room is about what you would expect, although he does make an effort to try and keep it clean for Bones' sake. It tends to sort of fall apart after a while though, unfortunately. They did manage to get permission to increase the size of their sink, although more for familiarities sake than the storage of bones. While not a great chef yet, since his time at the citadel Bones has slowly been getting better at making food that tastes good. It's not anything to write home about.

In the main room, there's a small coffee table, along with a loveseat and a reasonably sized television that has been placed on one wall. The floors are mainly carpeted, although the kitchen area does have tile instead. Overall it's nice and familiar, but not the same as a Tale's usual original house.

Are you living alone? No

if no, Who? An Aftertale Sans named Side lives with him, although they're the one in charge of the apartment, so really it's Bones who's living with them.

Anything else? While this may be where Bones currently lives, he tends to visit the various districts depending on his current LOVE. The higher his LV is, The more likely he is to be found in the sketchier districts, while otherwise being in the nicer areas when he has a lower LV.
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Bones' Apartment.
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