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 Comic's Save File

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Comic's Save File   Comic's Save File EmptyThu 12 Oct - 20:32

My informations

Nickname: Comic

Original Timeline: Undertale

My Friends: Butcher, Cherry, Scar [NPC]

My Enemies: /

Objectives/Personal Quest: Honestly, just managing to stay relatively happy is already a big deal for him and he doesn't really want anything else. Though his burning desire for justice makes it hard to stay away from the politics of the Citadel, but he absolutely doesn't want to get tangled in that. He just tries to help where he sees unhappiness whenever he can.

Weapon: His magic

Favorite article of clothing: His jacket. He kept it even after the human slashed it.

My RPs

1. Trying to fit in... | Butcher, Bones, Cherry [Currently active]
Where Comic finds a new abandoned pet to heal

Out of Character

I agree to: Basically anything as long as it matches with what my character would think or do. NSFW is okay, shipping too but please note that it will be a polyamory relationship. I like the headcanon of Sans needing too much affection and searching for it in his lovelife.

I reject: Errr, hmmpff, damn... Honestly, just ask. I'm very very open. Even if I don't like your idea, it's nothing against you and I'll just say it politely, I won't judge or shame! :D

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Comic's Save File
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