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PostSubject: Comic's Permissions   Comic's Permissions EmptyThu 12 Oct - 21:24

Are you okay with Agression/Violence Roleplay? Yes, but not unplanned. I don't want my character to get into a surprise fight! He's not the kind anyway and it's very unlikely to happen. if you have a good idea, hit me with it, we'll plan the red thread and then we can go crazy IRP!

I am willing to hurt my character if, again, it's something we decide together. I don't want him to die though. If you realize the RP cornered you with no choice but try and kill him, please warn me so we see how to untangle this (especially if your character is more powerful and likely to win).

Are you over 18? Yes. I am three years late on my taxes. Taxes are the worst. Rent too. Adult life sucks.

Are you okay or willing to do sexual Roleplay? Yes, but it would make me uncomfortable if you try and seduce my character without talking to me first. I'm very open, I love shipping my characters, just please warn me if you feel like your character has a crush on mine and you would like to capitalize on it.

What type of relationship your character is open to?
- He will probably end up with several lovers, in a polyamory relationship. Please note that your character doesn't have to be into this to try a relationship with mine, but it will very probably fail in the long term since I don't intend to ship Comic with only one character.
- He's very introvert so he won't have a ton of friends. But once you earned his trust, he'll do anything for you.
- He has a very strong sense of justice. If your character is an asshole, it's likely he won't like them.
- He may have enemies given he's part of a very important family (he's adopted by Boss, the mayor of the Fell District).
- He may have people trying to take advantage of him, but it won't be so easy. This place is kinda reserved for GSans, but if you have a cool idea, hit me with it!
- I LOVE TWISTED RELATIONSHIPS. I love developing relationships, I love long ideas which take 15 RPs to exploit fully. I love COMPLICATED STUFF. If you have a cool idea, anything, even if it's not on this (very simple) list, please message me! I'll be happy to build a long-term relationship with lots of plot twists with you!

Any boundaries? ... Not really? Apart death, as I said, everything is pretty much free game. I just don't like having first-meeting-ever RPs, because it kinda gets old quite fast. Unless the relationship with the character has some interest in being played from the beginning, I much prefer decide of a relationship beforehand.

Any worries? I am french so if you see something making your eyes bleed (or even just a small mistake), don't hesitate to tell me and I'll edit! I'll appreciate any message of the kind and won't be mad at you, on the contrary <3 If you have any questions about RPing on a forum, you can fire away, it was my only support for RP for ten years :D

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