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 Treble (Fell Sans)

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*~Your Character~*

Full Name: Comic Sans Aster
Nickname: Treble
Age: 42

Universe of Origin: Underfell (of the same Universe Line as Warden)
Soul Trait: Kindness

Attack pattern: Bone Attacks, Trained usage of Blue Magic, a Bo Staff he's able to create from his magic. Teleportation in the form of what's easiest to describe as portals, so he can't go anywhere he's never been and can't escape areas unless he's set up a shortcut before hand- or has one prepared to be set up.

Personality: Treble is outwardly like many Fell Sans, usually leaning towards a more agressive, mean side, even if it's just habits that haven't quite been dropped from when he lived in his own timeline. However, underneath his rough exterior is a skeleton who cares, a lot. They believe that things should be fair, or at the least, people should be able to have their own freedom instead of being forced into a role. He's not naive, knowing full well that not everyone can be trusted and sometimes there are consequences to be had, but he's willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, or a second chance. However, once you have broken his trust, good luck trying to gain it back.

He tries not to judge other people based on his own past, but some monsters bring him more caution than others. A very tall Fell Papyrus will give him pause, but most will be fine if they spend some time to let Treble get comfortable with them. His brother is unforgettable and unmistakable, and Sans knows that when he sees his brother he'll know it immediately. Undynes and Asgores also take him a while to get used to, although since he was lucky enough to know neither of them personally it's not so bad. He's comfortable in the presence of Mettaton/Napstatons, as well as being very friendly towards various Grillbys, and will generally avoid speaking directly to a Toriel (although will consider them positively instead of negatively.)

It's taken him a very, very long time to become comfortable with the idea of having a Royal Guard still around, and he's not a fan of characters who are a part of the group. Too many bad experiences with the law have simply left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Appearance: He wears a thick, heavy jacket at nearly all times, with a simple light grey shirt beneath it and shorts that reach down to his knees. The jacket has two circular spots, one on each shoulder, where it looks like there were once some sort of patches attached to it. A thick collar is around his neck, made of a sturdy, flexible material that he hasn't been able to break yet.

Below his jacket, the backs of his bones are covered in criss-crossing scars, ranging just about anywhere his ribcage is and including his upper arms. His bones are thicker than a normal skeleton's though, and his jaws are lined with pointed teeth.

Backstory: "You want to know about my timeline? It's garbage. I hope I never have to go back."

Sans looked out at the forest, his breath coming out as thin clouds in front of his face. He was being irrational, he knew, but even still he was afraid to venture out. This timeline didn't make sense anymore, something was missing and only he seemed to notice. Why was there no Captain of the Royal Guard in Snowdin? Why did his house look so big, yet only have one bedroom and not much else? [i]Why was his back completely covered in scars..?[i]

Everyone else seemed able to just shrug it off, and Sans wasn't about to go asking around and getting labeled as crazy. His mind seemed to burn, however, when he thought about nearly anything now. Going towards the ruins was fine, he could set up a line of portals for a quick getaway if he needed, yet he hesitated, nearly able to feel the punishment he'd get- from who? He couldn't even remember why he had a collar anymore. He had never been caught, who had been able to label him permanently a criminal...

There were other things to worry about though. A human was in the underground, and he had to make sure they stayed in the ruins. Asgore didn't need another Soul.


Eventually, the human managed to convince him not to kill them every time they stepped out of the ruins. It had taken multiple resets, and a lot of talking, but he relented. They had promised that they would kill Asgore, and if anyone could do it it was this human. If they failed... well, Sans would be going in after them, and fight the tyrant king himself.

It took a while for Sans to decide to break away from the human however. He hadn't minded, for a while- trying to raise LOVE in preparation for a fight was illegal, but so was being a human. Once the human had gotten to Undyne however, he could tell that they weren't just doing this to save them from Asgore. They killed her twice, simply because they had enjoyed the challenge.

That's when he left. Sneaking through The Capital, partially with the help of Mettaton, until they had made it to the castle. He may have hated the King, and hated living under his laws, but if the Human killed everyone what was the point? Nothing would matter if there was no one left. Trying to get past all the guards in the castle itself was the hardest part- sometimes he would be dying, and his only hope was that the human would die too, and he would be reset. It was terrifying to think that so much was dependent on them being unable to progress easily, and every monster they killed only made them stronger.

His luck was really what made his plan possible at all. The king had heard of the murderous human, and had decided he wasn't going to sit around and wait- Especially after his precious pupil had been killed in battle by them. It was the only thing that gave Sans the ability to sneak into te throne room, by the barrier, and take the human Souls. He wasn't going to absorb them unless he absolutely needed to, but he definitely wasn't going to let Asgore have them- or the human, just in case they took the king's Soul for themselves. No, the Souls were staying with him, and if he had to, the last thing he would do before dying is break them.

All he had to do now was wait. Sans waited through the resets while the human fought Asgore, quietly making his plan and preparing for when it could be carried out. Eventually, the resets stopped. The king had fallen, and apparently they were going to stay dead. The human had their Soul now, and with it, his magic, his strength. They were a terrifying power, but they had a final enemy to face. One last showdown, in a desperate attempt to save the few monsters that were left, who were smart enough to run away instead of trying to fight. It shouldn't have been impossible, with the human Souls.

Right at the end, something happened. Sans should have noticed before, maybe he had just been blocking it out, or he was distracted. When he had been brought to the edge of his life and absorbed those human Souls, he had seen it, for just a moment. The timeline was already broken beyond repair. Entire sections of it were missing, events weren't happening like they should have been, it had been barely holding itself together, and Sans absorbing the Souls had shattered it. Everything stopped, before falling apart in front of them, leaving Sans in an empty void with the human.

The human looked at Sans, smiled, and then did a True Reset of the timeline- everything back to Zero, everything back in it's place.

Sans lost the human Souls. He didn't lose any of his memories, none of his experiences, and when he had gotten ejected from the timeline memories of his brother had come flooding back- but instead of returning to his timeline the universe simply recreated him from new code, leaving him stranded nowhere, outside of his own universe with no way to get into it, or into any other world.

He had started walking in hopes of finding someone else, maybe another monster who had gotten stranded outside the timeline as well. Grillby hadn't died before- maybe he had gotten replaced too, and Sans could find him.

As time passed, however, Sans slowly began to lose hope, continuously surrounded by nothing. When he had finally found the citadel he had hoped it was a dream- but he was wrong. It's just as real as he is, and he's scared to wander the streets alone. If Sans found this place, then his brother probably found it too, and if his Papyrus ever saw him... Sans would regret not having someone around who could reset him again.

His name was given to him by a fellow Sans, who happened to rather enjoy music- both a reference to the Treble Cleft (which is placed on a music staff, while Treble wields a Bo Staff) and a pun on the word Trouble. He loves the nickname, and sometimes he'll still chuckle at it.

*~About You~*

Nickname: French Toast
How did you found this forum? Been here a little while, found via Tumblr
Rules Codes (the two are hidden in the rules): good to go
Suggestions? I dunno, I want to liven the place up a bit but I don't know how.
Anything else? Heh, looks like I wrote a nice little bit. Can't wait to see if Warden and Treble end up meeting sometime.
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PostSubject: Re: Treble (Fell Sans)   Treble (Fell Sans) EmptyTue 24 Oct - 18:04

Hello !

You're validated ! You'll be added to the Underfell group soon, please wait a little.

Thank you and have fun =)
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Treble (Fell Sans)
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