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 About the Citadel

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W.D. Gaster
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W.D. Gaster

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PostSubject: About the Citadel   About the Citadel EmptySat 16 Sep - 6:41

The Governement:

The Citadel is ruled by the Council. It's a regroupement of diverse monsters from différents universes. They makes the laws, takes the hard and important decisions about the citadel and have the mission to makes the Citadel a better place for everyone.

Five monsters can be in the council, each representing a part of the population. Their voice is more or less important based on the monster population they represent.

The current Council members are

Queen Toriel the III, old ruler of her Swap kingdom. Her world was destroyed by a glich. She represent the Toriels and Asgores

Empress Undyne, ruler of the Fell kingdom after a Neutral run. Ruthless and bloodthirsty, she came in the citadel when her world was wiped out by a Reset. Her role in the ending of the riots of 57 helped her win every Undyne elections since. Represent all Undynes.

Empress Alphys, ruler of the SwapFell Kingdom after her queen's death. She came in the citadel when her world was wiped out by a Reset. Represent all Alphyses.

King Metatton, ruler of the Tale kingdom before being forced to flee with his Sans and Papyrus before the inevitable reset. Represent all Ghosts.

The Great Papyrus, a simple Tale Papyrus. He's the head of the council since he represent every skeletons. Loved by all, he have the strongest influence over the Sans population.


The Districts

The Citadel began as a small village and grew to become a big and crowded city.
To make things easier, and after incident involving different dimension Sanses,  it was then divided in districts. Each have it's unique architecture and specificities.

The three main Districts have a mayor and they have to refer to the council to make any change in their jurisdiction. The fourth District, even if it's a part of the city. They tried but every monster in charge was dusted weeks after their election.

The Tale District:
The life of the city. Most buildings are inspired of ancient Greek architecture. The most modern ones and the habitations don't have more than six floors.
The proximity of the Government and the Central Guard Department makes the habitations here really searched and pricy. Living here is a sign of wealth.
The population is mostly from Undertale and most papyruses can be found here for their protection.
The Mayor is a Tale!Undyne who's not afraid to go against the council orders. She's calling herself the Spear

The Fell District:
The industrial core. The architecture is practical and definitely modern. The buildings are the highest of the Citadel. The streets are narrow and highly monitored.
This district have a majority of Underfell, SwapFell, Fellswap and Horrortale monsters. They are willing to live in little and cheap apartment and take jobs at the factory.
The Mayor of this District is a Fell!Papyrus known as The Boss who own the Font Industry and the Boss Building. This building is the highest and most luxurious in the citadel.
Strangely, even with the violent nature of most of its inhabitant, this District must be the more welcoming.

The Swap District:
The Cultural Soul of the city. Artificial parks are everywhere, the streets are open and buildings rarely exceed three floors. The architecture is victorian except for the hospital which is one of the most clean and white building in the whole city.
The population here is mostly middle class Monsters, mostly from Swap and innocent Aus.
The Mayor is a Fell!Toriel so sweet and happy to have monster to take care for that she's named BigMama by the inhabitents.
A lot of monster tries to come and live in this quiet District but here, more than anywhere, monster from violent or strange universe are rejected.

The Sin District
Called like that because the buildings were made without any consent of the Council.
The buildings are made like the monsters want and the mix of the different styles gives to the district a crazy and uneasy look.
There is no law in Sin District. Rejected monsters lives here because they don't have a choice. Most Monsters are homeless and crimes happened daily.
Prostitution is the safest way of living here and the RedLight Street is the safest place to work. The Skeleton brothels here are renowned and monsters from all districts comes to forget their loneliness.
There is rumors that this street don't have to worry about the Guards because if anyone tries to  close the brothels, they have enough evidence to discredit every single important monster in town.
Most of the district is a slum but some monsters still have hope to make it a better place.

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W.D. Gaster
Dark, Darker yet Darker
W.D. Gaster

Messages : 147
Date d'inscription : 2017-01-07
Age : 32

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PostSubject: Re: About the Citadel   About the Citadel EmptyMon 18 Sep - 4:03

The Laws

The citadel, like any other city, have laws guaranteeing the wellbeing of its inhabitant. Of course, even for the Fell monsters, killing is not allowed.
In fact, the elementals laws are to be respected like any other places. The Guard was created to give an activity for the Papyruses and the Undynes and to enforce the laws.
Criminals are severely punished and there is no hesitations when the death penalty is pronounced. After all, since almost everyone is the same, who'll regret the criminals?
Some Laws, however are specific to the Citadel.

- Papyruses are precious and no harm should happen to them.

- If a Human or a Flowey comes in the city, they have to be sent to the judgment hall under escort. Should they show any trace of aggressivity, they must be killed at any cost.

- Human souls can't be kept. They shall be destroyed or thrown out of the citadel, right into the void. Any monster injected or with Determination in their system will be treated like humans. Their Determination can't be kept, even for science or medical research, unless the council agree to it. Any scientist or medic must monitor and justify any use beforehand.

- Playing with the time and timelines is forbidden. The Citadel being lost in time, the result could be disastrous.


The Time

The Citadel being lost in Time, how does monsters keep track of time?
They don't, or at least not really. A group of monsters, mostly Aslphyses and Sanses created a system with the lights of the city to gives the illusion of time passing.
There is an artificial night, an artificial day. And when 365 cycle passed, they said a year passed.
There is no season, it doesn't bother the monsters, after all there was no real seasons in the underground either.
For the monsters who were underground... For the others, very rare ones who've seen the surface, it can be disorienting.

No one really know if real years passed. Most experts think it depend of a lot of thing.
If any monster could go back to their world,  it could have pass a hundred year or a second.

But the artificial passing of time prevent the monsters from going crazy.

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W.D. Gaster
Dark, Darker yet Darker
W.D. Gaster

Messages : 147
Date d'inscription : 2017-01-07
Age : 32

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PostSubject: Re: About the Citadel   About the Citadel EmptyTue 19 Sep - 20:10

The Food

Monsters use their magic, if not for fighting, to keep their living form. It's a part of them a just like a human can die without energy, Monsters need food to keep their magic working.
It was an issue since the beginning of the Citadel. What to eat? What to grow food with it there is no real dirt, no real sun or no real time.

At first, the same way monsters created lands to create the citadel, monsters used their magic to feed others but many died by giving too much or receiving too little. It wasn't a good solution.

One day came a solution with the appearance of a Vegetoid in a group of monsters. Those monsters naturally created greens with their magic. But they needed magic as well. It was better than nothing but still.

When the city developed, the problem seem to fade away. Officially, thanks to Vegetoids, some monsters found a way to grow the greens and even some mushrooms. They're product in mass in the Fell District. The factories making the fake meat and the food anyone can find in supermarket are like any others. But the "Greenhouses" are restricted areas.

Still, there is rumors about the Vegetoids being forced to absorb magic from prisoners to create all the food necessary.
Other rumors says that monster dust is used to make fake food.
The most alarmist think that Time Altering Magic is used in the Greenhouses.

The condiments are a luxury. Mustard and honey, being made with flowers, are even more difficult to find than any other condiment. And no one want to think about how they're really made here.


The Magitech

When most of the population is basically made of genius who have all the time in the world to think about how to make their lives easier.
When the found a way to have supplies to create machines and mechanics, they created a whole new level of science and engineering: the Magitech.
A mix of Magic and Technology.

Most of it was created to make everyone's life more comfortable like the Central, the Cars, some medical equipments.
When Font Industry was created, all was accelerated. The Fell District looked for a time like a big laboratory where all the new Magitech product were tested.
The security of the District increased, jobs were created, new gadgets helped making the workers like better, etc...

To help the Guard capture criminals who can mostly teleport, Magic Suppressors braces and collars were created. They soon found their applications in other areas like in Clinics and Hospitals to prevent patients from teleporting before an operation or hurt the staff.

To protect homes from teleporting burglars and the restricted areas of the Citadel, Anti Teleportation Field (ATF) were created. The first one was made to protect the headquarters of the Engineering division of Font Industry. It was created by a paranoid Fell Alphys who thought everyone wanted to steal her ideas. It's a small device, the size of a jewelry box that create a field where nothing can teleport.

The ATF is an expensive item, hard to product and in high demand. The most important, sensible and secret places are protected by this kind of device. ( The Greenhouses, the Factories, the Central, The Judgment Hall, the surgery rooms and the  Psychiatric Ward of the Hospital and the Boss Tower.)
The force field is limited, unfortunately, so the bigger places have multiple ATFs in its buildings. And those who bought the device to protect their homes or business can make mistakes. Only a cm² out of the field can be an open door to every teleporting monsters. Only experts know how to place them in the more effective way.


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About the Citadel
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