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 Black's Apartment

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PostSubject: Black's Apartment   Black's Apartment EmptyThu 21 Sep - 20:45

• Location: An apartment complex near the factory where Black works. He chose it for convenience, and didn't really put a lot of thought into the location.

• Residents: Black rents the apartment, and currently has a permanent houseguest, Rust. Rust sometimes sleeps on the couch, but he usually just crashes in Black's bed.

• Description of your Home: It's a relatively small apartment, with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even a tiny cramped living room. It's not the nicest apartment in the Fell District, but it's not the worst, either. The security is pretty good in this complex, and while it's a little small, nothing is broken and it's very clean.

Black's bedroom has a pile of books in one corner, despite having a perfectly good bookshelf right next to the pile. The room is messy and cluttered, with clothes scattered haphazardly on the floor. The bed is never made, and there's a lot of pillows smashed down into one corner. The whole thing is enough to give a neat freak nightmares, but at least it doesn't smell.

The kitchen is somehow the cleanest room in the house. They do the dishes regularly (There may have been a mold incident that neither of them want to repeat).

The two of them don't really know any of their neighbors, but they will scream increasingly creative obscenities at the floor above them when they move around too much during the night.
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Black's Apartment
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