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 Cream Puff and Noodle's House

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Cream Puff
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Cream Puff

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Cream Puff and Noodle's House Empty
PostSubject: Cream Puff and Noodle's House   Cream Puff and Noodle's House EmptyThu 21 Sep - 21:11

• Location: Located in the heart of the Swap District, Puff and Noodle's house is an extravagant Victorian affair. They have a large garden in the front, and a wrought-iron fence separating them from the rest of the homes. It's one of the largest houses in the area.

• Residents: Cream Puff and Noodle both live here, and have their own separate rooms.

• Description of your Home: Inside the house is lavishly decorated. There's a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a parlor, two and a half bathrooms, and two bedrooms. Everything is decorated in Victorian style, to match the outside. All the furniture and possessions look, and in fact are, very expensive. Noodle's room is much messier than Puff's. Sometimes there's a vase of flowers in the living room, as a completely unnecessary show of decadence and wealth.

Only one room doesn't match the opulence of the rest of the house: the basement. The basement is covered in an antimagic field, and is full of ropes, chains, and machinery. The door is locked at all times and guests are never allowed down.
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Cream Puff and Noodle's House
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