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 G's Apartment

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G's Apartment Empty
PostSubject: G's Apartment   G's Apartment EmptyFri 22 Sep - 20:41

Address : Street of Silence 66, Sin district

Description of your Home: An average sized apartment, 3 rooms: bathroom, what was supposed to be a bedroom but is used as storage, and a large living room/kitchen. The only furniture in the living room is a large couch, used as a bed, a couple of chairs and a large desk covered in various objects and clutter. The mess is amazing-boxes of condiments mixing with G's clothes, maps and small fridges, containing fresh food. There's papers, pencils and food wrappers everywhere.

The kitchen is a cluttered mess. There's crumbs everywhere and more of G's wares on the counter tops, floor and in the sink. There are half-eaten meals lying around, as well as dirty dishes. The cabinets are filled with easily prepared foods.

Are you living alone? Yes

Anything else ? Protected by ATF technology. Has several other places for storing his wares.
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G's Apartment
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